“The universe of AEM is one of fantasy, of marvels, a universe in which reality dances through the ocean depths alongside the nearly child-like magic of an artist impossible to classify.

Using painted, glass-fronted boxes and working in three dimensions with the simplest of materials, she will as readily dramatise the prophetic dream of a sailor who, with good reason, had refused to board ship, as she will the construction and launch of the first monotype in 1887, the inauguration of a lighthouse on an island in Maine, or the wreck of a steamship and its cargo of circus animals.

She shows life on the coast in the heyday of sail, she shows sailors fighting for their lives in the midst of nature’s elements at their wildest and most monstruous. She shows the calm of the ocean floor where the drowned lie, the silent abysses inhabited by rorquals, sperm whales and gigantic squid. And above all, she shows ordinary people at work, celebrating their day to day lives.”

Interview conducted by the film-maker Christophe Rey concerning Anne-Emmanuelle Marpeau’s ex-votos